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Do you know what's in your hair color? See what is so special about ours.....


 All-Nutrient is developed, manufactured and shipped in the USA. It is   considered to be the best color in the industry.All-Nutrient is completely  organic based, with seven esential oils land herbs iisted first in it's ingredient list with keratin protein. That is why it has become the #1 choice for professional color. 

  •  Our Color is virtually free of: Ammonia(less then 1.5 % in permanant colors and 0% in Keratint)  Sulfates, Parabens, Thioglycolates & Wheat We can combine our color with Enzyme developers, rather than Hydrogen Peroxide, removing what is believed to be, one of the most damaging ingredients in the hair color formula for some hair types. Hydrogen peroxide can be one of the leading causes of damaged hair cuticles in certain hair types, leaving the hair dry and full of split ends. Enzyme developers are naturally formed proteins that neutralize the hair and leave it in superior condition. Continued use of this product, combined with our organic based ammonia free color and care lines will restore your hair to its original shine and luster.

Hair Care



It's very easy to call yourself an organic product if the last couple of ingredients in the product are organic based. But that does not constitute an organic hair care product.

Our product lines are 100% organic, sustainable, and pure. If you can not read the name of an ingredient, chances are that it is derived from a chemical source.

Onesta means honest, and the integrity that comes with this company can not be compared to any other. We invite you to click on their site to see what an amazing company they are.

Mind,Body & Soul



doTerra  CPTG  Certified Pure Theraputic Grade Essential Oils will cure and enhance your life style. Not only can these amazing oils be inhaled and massaged into the skin, but can be taken orally. Empty your medicine chest and see how you can change your world by including doTerra in your daily regimin.

Therapeutic Healing


CBD is our newest addition to natural wellness. Rich in organic ingredients, as well as THC free canabis.

Massage into painful mussles and joints, use on skin that has psoriasis or is acne prone for an unexpected result.


Keratin Smoothing



Keratin Protein Restoration Treatment

Certified organic ingredients, vitimans and minerals makes this product a perfect choice to tame unruly manes of hair. Our smoothing treatments are always 100% Formaldehyde Free, emiting no dangerous carcinogens to inhale. Formldehyde has been linked to chronic health problems. We are able to promote both healthy hair and a healthy environment. Maintained correctly, your treatment will last a minimum of three months on virgin hair and three to four months on chemically treated hair.

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